apple is the best company in the world

October 1, 2011 1 min read

I am the poster child for an Apple convert. Growing up, I was a Windows power user, strongly opposed to the dumbed down Macs. Then starting with the iPod, I was slowly reeled in to the Apple ecosystem, and now I'm a full on Apple fanboy. This was all orchestrated masterfully by Mr. Steve Jobs. By focusing on great design, and maintaining control over both hardware and software, Apple creates an integrated, reliable, and consistent experience across all products.

From a business perspective, Apple is quite simply the best company in the world. They make best in class products and sell them by the millions for high prices at high margins. And there is still plenty of room to grow. We are still relatively early in this shift away from the traditional PC. AAPL was the first stock I ever bought (in 2007), and I remain a shareholder today. I typically allocate 50% of my portfolio to AAPL, though I've cut it to about 20% in light of recent market volatility (for the technicians out there, I see 360 as a big support level). In my opinion, there is no better company to invest in. You've got plenty of growth, high margins, and a ridiculous cash pile. Even with Steve Jobs leaving, he established a culture, and he got out to a huge lead that I don't see anyone catching.

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