why you should hire me

September 7, 2011 1 min read

I am currently interested in joining a startup or small team, as a software engineer focused on agile web development. To any potential employers that have found their way here, these are the top reasons you should hire me.

Programming is my passion

There is something magical about programming that inspires and brings out the best in me. I've never had a pure programming job, but I have a highly technical background, and I truly love the craft. I know this because I do it for fun in my free time, and I don't go a day without reading some Hacker News.

I'm resourceful and learn quickly

Nowadays I believe it's more important to be able to find and absorb information quickly, than to know it all offhand. Since finishing school, my primary method of learning has been google searches and online documentation, and I've become very efficient at learning this way. I was never great at taking tests in school or those job interviews that practically ask you to recite a computer science book. But if you give me a few days and an Internet connection, I'm confident I can figure out almost anything.

I work hard, really hard

I strongly believe that the biggest key to success for programmers or anyone in general is sheer will and perseverance. Ultimately, nothing good comes easy, and you just have to fight your way to the finish line. I take pride in my work ethic and consider it my biggest strength. Once I'm focused and locked on to a task, I go all out until the job is done.

So if you're looking for a dedicated, resourceful programmer who does it for the love of the game, I'm your man!

UPDATE: I am employed now, but always open to new opportunities.

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