number one

August 31, 2011 1 min read

In honor of finally launching my personal web site, I am writing my first ever blog post. I bought the mikeygee domain name in 2005 with the intent of building a personal site and proceeded to procrastinate for the next 6 years. So why now? Well for one, this github pages feature with Jekyll looked pretty cool, and I had to try it. But mostly because I'm in a transitional phase in my career and trying a lot of new things as I figure out what to do next. So let's start with some goals for this blog.


Writing things down and publishing forces you to think in more depth than you normally would. It helps you understand yourself and the topic you are writing about more clearly and fully. I hope that blogging will help refine my knowledge and opinions.


I have a terrible memory, and the Internet has only made this worse, as the answer to any question is a Google search away. I hope that blogging will help me better remember the thoughts and insights I discover.


I've been an enormous consumer of the Internet for the last decade or so, but have so far failed to make any significant contributions to it. I've gained so much from online material, and it seems wrong to not give back. Some of the most interesting and insightful things I've read have come from personal blogs and user comments, and there's no reason why my writing couldn't have a positive impact on someone out there.


I am naturally introverted, and it has always been a challenge for me to break out of my shell. I hope that blogging will improve my confidence and allow people to get to know me through my writing.

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